Tiffanie Carr, RYT, CPT

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Corporate Wellness Programs

What if you could have a wellness program that helped employees be healthier and happier? A program that increased productivity and reduced the number of days off due to illness and injury?

I strongly believe that strong, healthy and happy employees are the key to a healthy business. That’s why I provide corporate health and wellness programs that keep your employees engaged and on top of their game.

My programs range from weekly to monthly sessions and cover a variety of health and wellness topics such as sleep, exercise, and stress management.

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Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Having a corporate wellness program in your workplace has many benefits, both for your employees and for the company. 

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My core areas of expertise for Corporate Wellness programs include:

  • Mindset and Meditation
  • Corporate Fitness and Weight Management
  • Yoga/Pilates Class
  • Meal Planning & Healthy Eating
  • Energy management and better productivity


Each workshop is offered as a 1-hour session.

The best part? I work with you so that we can customize the wellness programs to meet your company’s needs.

The cost of the workshop varies depending on the size of the company and the number of people attending.

Let’s help your employees feel their best from the inside out!