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I met Tiffanie a year ago and have been training with her ever since. Thanks to her, I enjoy working out and hitting the gym. When I first contacted her, I had a goal in mind – to hike for 4 days in the Andes Mountains, which she helped me train so well that I was able to complete the challenge with ease. All our workouts now focus on ensuring that I feel good about myself, not only physically but also mentally. While being professional and dependable, she makes every workout fun, pushes you to do better, and is extremely positive. As a whole, Tiffanie is the best health coach you’ll ever meet, and I recommend having some Tiffanie love in your life. 🙂

– Kritika Prakash

Tiffanie is a really great coach. Her classes are challenging, inspirational and fun and  she makes them inviting for all levels. At first I was resisting the online workouts with the pandemic but now I love them.. I recommend this for anyone who wants to keep fit and wants a variety of fun, yet effective workouts give this a try!

Diana Luciani

Tiffanie is an energetic, upbeat and sweetheart of a coach! She pushes for our limits in every class, but in a safe and fun way. Classes are always different, and environment is very welcoming to everyone willing to get a good sweat.

Cecilia Camargo

Tiffanie is a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable personal trainer who has an amazing energy. Her classes are both fun and challenging and she will go above and beyond to help you work on your fitness goals! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone.

Alicja Grondal

The pandemic made it very hard to stay healthy and fit even though I was very active my whole life. So I was very happy to have met Tiffanie, my fitness coach via a Liberty Village Facebook group. I started attending her outdoor fitness classes 1-2 x per week then as I got more energy and stamina, I started attending 3-5 classes per week. Her classes are fun, challenging and the exercises are always different! Tiffanie has an amazing energy and a way to push us without feeling defeated or like it’s a drag. I look forward to each class and have also met a fellow students who I now consider friends. If you are struggling to get back into a fitness regime or just looking for a new class to attend, I 10000% recommend you contact Tiffanie to learn about her fitness classes!!

– Bonnie Chung

Loved the workout, doing in this group is so much fun. Plus, Tiffanie, pays individual attention and suggests modifications which makes a big difference. Highly recommended.

Mukul Aggarwal

Tiffany is the best on her field, always full of energy, bringing us to do our best and always professional. If you want to work out, improve your health, and have fun, no hesitation; Tiffany is the best.

Saul Hernandez

Tiffanie provided me with unparalleled support, and I am still doing breathing exercises, stretching, and affirmations each day to help me cope with high-pressure situations.

Notalee Mullings

If you would like to start working out to get fit and feel better in your mind and body, then Tiffanie is your girl! I used to dread working out and going to the gym, I never enjoyed it. As soon as I started training with Tiffanie, my mindset changed. I suddenly started to look forward to my morning workouts with her as she gives me the most positive and motivational start to my day. That sets me up then for the rest of my daily activities!

– Meghan O’ Callaghan

Tiffanie's clases are great!!! Each class is completely different and she is great at motivating you to do your best!!! I highly recommend her classes!!!

Jorge Caballero

Tiffanie's classes are the best! She always changes up the exercises to keep things interesting and her classes are the perfect blend of strenuous and fun. I highly recommend! Classes are always different, and environment is very welcoming to everyone willing to get a good sweat.

James Scrivener

I love Tiffanie and her workouts! The hardest part in a workout is starting and sticking to it. Tiffanie helped me start and stick to it. She makes sure that we get what we want from our workouts. Absolutely love it!

Zune Shahbaz

My husband, Ashish, and I started working out with Tiffanie in June 2022 when we were at our lowest in terms of fitness. I had put on a lot of weight in a few months and was feeling very low physically and mentally. I was not just tired, but also very upset with how my body looked and felt.

This is when my husband came across Tiffanie’s outdoor HIIT and online Pilates classes and we decided to try this out to start our fitness journey from scratch. Before this, we used to workout on and off but we were restarting after a long gap.

In just a month of these classes, just 3 days/ week, we both started noticing very positive changes. I could now run, do push ups and saw a dramatic improvement in my endurance and overall strength. Inches started to drop off, clothes I couldn’t fit into for years started to look great on me and I started getting compliments from friends and family who could notice a lot of changes physically.

But the most notable change was in how I felt, how much my husband and I started looking forward to working out, rain or sunshine and how much more disciplined we became. We continued the outdoor and online program until September after which we decided to continue our engagement with Tiffanie beyond the summer outdoor program.

She was lovely enough to talk to us about a revolutionary 360 degree program which is a transformational program and took us through the plan in meticulous detail. We had no second thoughts about enrolling for the program. This was not just because Tiffanie is amazing at what she does and because of the positive impact she had on our fitness, strength and endurance, but also because she is a lifestyle coach.

She customized a program for us which is structured to our individual fitness levels, needs, and time constraints and has truly effected a transformation in the way we approach our workouts and our nutrition. Tiffanie goes to great lengths to ensure we workout through the week, designs short home workouts for us and even stresses on rest days.

Now, we have reached a stage when we don’t even attempt to find excuses to skip our workouts because we love how strong we have become and Tiffanie has us loving movement and the lifestyle changes she has painstakingly taken us through. She has also beautifully coached us on cultivating a positive mindset and an overall healthy relationship with our bodies, nutrition and exercise.

It also helps a great deal that Tiffanie is a joy to be around and has infectious energy. She’s a pleasure to see first thing in the mornings!

– Rathi Harikrishnan

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